New Safety Devices MINI R56 Roll Cage

While we have been offering a rear cage roll cage option for the R53 that can be adapted to fit the R56 MINI Hatch, there has never been a full cage option suitable for the Gen 2 MINI R56, especially for those with a sunroof, that is until now. Lohen have joined forces with Safety Devices to produce a cage option for the Generation 2 MINI. With more and more MINI enthusiasts asking for a roll cage for the R56 specifically, including one for the sun roofed MINIs; Lohen approached Safety Devices to help speed up the development process.

The aim of the project was to produce both a cage that was compatible with those R56’s that had a sunroof and to produce an MSA fully homologated cage. The development process began with us sending the shell of an R56 Sunroofed Hatch down to the Safety Devices HQ in Suffolk so they had something to work with. Safety Devices were able to develop a cage for the R56 and sent us a demo version of it so we could install it in our demo car Chilli before the MINI in the Park event.

Thanks to the collaboration with Safety Devices we can now offer 2 separate cages for the R56 MINI Hatch.

  • Lohen Show Cage (Rear Cross Bar Cage with Harness Bar, Front Cage Section and Single Door bars)
  • MSA Homologated Cage (Rear Cross Bar Cage with harness Bar, Front Cage, Front Cross Bar cage and Cross Door Bars)

The first of which is a Show Cage, this cage is suitable for both the panoramic sunroofed and Non-Sunroofed Models and can be sold in sections and is perfect for those of you who are looking to install a cage for shows or the occasional track day. The show cage is available as a bolt-in rear cross harness bar cage (£440) or as a full bolt-in roll cage with single door bars (£843), this roll cage has been designed to provide much more clearance around the roof line so it fits within those R56’s with a panoramic sunroof. A small block is used to raise the cage on the R56’s without a sunroof so the top of the cage sits flush with the top of the vehicle. The front section of the cage installs without any modification to dash, the single door bars install without any modification to the door cards. This show spec cage is available in both white and black off the shelf but bespoke colours are available on request if required.

The second cage option for the R56 is an MSA Homologated Configuration which is suitable for MSA level racing and has been designed to meet the latest MSA regulations. This Roll cage is only suitable for MINIs without a sunroof in accordance with the MSA regulations. On the Homologated Roll Cage configuration, the front cage comes further forward than the show cage version and will, therefore, require the interior to be modified in order for it to be installed. While the show cage can be installed with the standard MINI door cards the MSA Homologated cage configuration requires the original door cards to be removed. Again this cage can be bought in sections if required but the homologation only applies to the full cage once installed. The rear section costs £540 and the Full bolt in rear cage with harness bar, front cage and cross door bars costs £1,328.

Fitting of these roll cages can be done at Lohen HQ in Eccleshall, Staffordshire and takes between 2-3 Days. Fitting costs for both the Lohen Show Case and the MSA Homologated Configuration are the same, fitting the rear cage sections costs £540 and the full cage costs £870. We also offer an interior trim refit option if required which is an additional £330. Both UK and worldwide shipping is available on these roll cages, for more information or to get a quote contact our sales team on 01785 859999 or email

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