Owner Driver Support

Owner Driver Support


The Team is able to offer Owner Drivers trackside support for your MINI, with experienced engineers and mechanics on-hand to hone setup and make adjustments at a moments notice. We take all the pressure off by handling the manual jobs allowing you to concentrate solely on driving and enjoying your racing.

Our Race Support also provides assistance in the event of on-track incidents. In our experience, timescales at Race Weekends can mean added pressure if repair is necessary: with a trained team on hand, you can rest assured your MINI has the very best chance of getting back to the grid, even with the most significant of setbacks.

We detail our full range of services below.

Owner Driver Support

All of Lohen's track support packages are tailored to your needs and can include all aspects including logistics. As part of our owner-driver support package Lohen will ensure your race experience is as stress free as possible. Obviously, getting the most out of your MINI is the priority and we will work with you by providing advice and setup as well as data analysis.

The Lohen team will take care of all the maintenance tasks such as your MINI's pre-race preparation, re-fuelling and adjustment of tyre pressures, as well as investigating and rectifying any major problems in the shortest possible time to get you back onto the race track. Lohen has access to a large range of the necessary championship parts at all times in our race support vehicles to keep you running for the entirety of the race event.

Pre event

We will take care of all pre-event work at our well-equipped workshop to make sure your MINI arrives ready for track activities. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Base set-up, including ride height, geometry, corner weighting, and so on.
  • Safety related e.g. extinguisher servicing and drivers equipment
  • Bodywork including damage repairs or replacement, regulation-specific repairs or modifications and decals.

On event

As well as making sure you and your MINI are where you should be on time, we will work with you to develop the car and your personal driving performance.

  • Suspension set-up and adjustment
  • Tyre management: temperatures, pressures and selection
  • Fuel management and dispensing

Lohen will take care of routine maintenance tasks such as:

  • Brake bleeding and replacement
  • Fluids and lubricants
  • Electrical and electronic repairs
  • Accidental damage

Post event

Once your race weekend is over and the MINI is back at our workshop, we will carryout a comprehensive post event check over and set down. Any damage, either mechanical or bodywork, is recorded and a full report of required work will be sent to you.

  • Full vehicle set-down
  • Body, arches, engine bay, glass and interior clean
  • Fuel drained, inspect car for damage and spanner check
  • Wheels cleaned, tyres shaved, rotated and balanced

Data logging and analysis

Data management now forms a large part of driver development in all levels of motorsport, from club to professional. Lohen can offer an informed view to assist you with:

  • Purchase and installation of a range of data systems
  • Management and retrieval of data
  • Analysis to help with driver and car development
  • Set-up, use and management of onboard cameras

Driver coaching

Lohen has worked with a number of experienced driver coaches and would be happy to arrange coaching sessions either on test/track days or on event during the race weekend.


We pride ourselves on delivering a quality and affordable race support solution and this would not be possible without driver and guest hospitality. Lohen-supported drivers are looked after as part of the support package, and we can also cater for family, friends and guests or create tailored hospitality packages for your motorsport partners and sponsors.

This leaves you able to focus on racing and spending the time with the people who matter to you. Lohen will take care of everything else.

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