Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis


Having seen thousands of MINIs before, Lohen offers expert diagnosis of all MINI faults and can often repair many problems same-day. We have dealer-level diagnostic equipment and access to a wide range of genuine OEM MINI, OEM equivalent or aftermarket parts that will often get your MINI back on the road without delay.


Lohen has seen all types of MINI issues; from Generation 1 oil leaks and performance deterioration from items such as Bypass Valves, to Generation 2 MINIs suffering the famous ‘Death Rattle’ or drop in engine performance due to coking of the inlet port and valves. Lohen will make sure your MINI doesn’t fall foul of any common MOT failures and will perform all fitting work to the highest standards.

Lohen offers:

  • Over 11 years of MINI experience to pinpoint issues quickly
  • Qualified technicians
  • Autologic Dealer-standard diagnostic equipment
  • Rolling Road diagnosis

A list of common MINI faults

Generation 1 MINIs

• Tired or faulty suspension (damper units rated to 100,000 miles)
• Corroding and flaking exhausts
• Oil leaks as a result of tired gaskets and seals e.g. sump gasket, rocker cover gasket, timing cover seals
• Loss of power through “sticky” bypass valves
• Oil-filled upper engine mount failure

Generation 2 MINIs

• ‘Death Rattle’ - engine tensioner and timing chain issues
• Loss of power and increased hesitation from engine coking
• Faulty components such as high pressure fuel pump
• Play in your MINI’s turbo

Universal MINI issues

• Soft or split front wishbone rear bushes
• Poor tracking leading to tramlining and uneven tyre wear
• Corrosion on brake discs and sticking rear calipers
• Wheel bearing issues

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