Polar Bear

Lohen's original flagship R56 road demo car, the decision was taken in late 2009 to carry out a transformation from road to race car, as Polar Bear was prepped for her first season in Dunlop Sport Maxx.

Amending Car

Polar Bear started life as a Lohen demo car but with the intention of being converted into a racecar not too far into its life.

Built originally to “ Sport Maxx” regulations she has some unique features. The shell was stripped and sent to Custom Cages to have a full “FIA” spec triangulated roll cage fitted with custom rear turrets. The championship was a great start to Polar Bears career but bigger and longer races soon beckoned. She has raced in a number of championships over the last few years including trips in “Time Attack”.

Now about to embark on a series of 6hr endurance races with the “Endurance Racing Series” the cars has evolved into Lohen’s flagship racecar and sports some interesting development parts. As these parts prove themselves we're sure you will see them in our shop very soon.

Driver in car Car on track

Parts currently installed on the Lohen Race Car
Power - 250bhp
Torque - 380 N.m.





  • FiA Spec Race Seat
  • FiA Spec Harnesses
  • Carbon Fire Electronic Plumbed Extinguisher System


  • Motec C125 Colour Dash
  • Motec PDM30
  • Motec M182 ECU
  • Motec 15 Way Key Pad
  • Bosch Motorsport Kit4 Programmable ABS
  • Autotel Digital Pit to Car Radio System
  • Aircraft Grade Bespoke Motorsport Wiring Loom
  • Programmable Traction Control
Car racing around track Fixing Car Prepping Car For Race Polar Car at night

Please note: parts installed on the Lohen Demonstrator MINIs are subject to change. If you wish to test a specific part it's worth calling us to be sure it is still on our MINI.