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Generation 2 FAQs

Generation 2 FAQ’s


Q. Where should I start when modifying my MINI?

A. Lohen always recommends addressing the chassis before upping the engine power; aftermarket brakes and suspension completely transform the way your MINI drives allowing you to handle later power increases more safely.

Q. Which compound of brake pads do you recommend?

A. We sell a wide range of options when it comes to brake pads, but we tend to prefer the M1144 compound from Mintex. We run them in all of our road cars as they give an incredibly good bite from cold and also perform well when they get hotter. hat said, we strongly urge all customers to contact the Lohen Team to discuss how you use your car, as what suits one may not be suitable for another. We'll take the time to listen to your needs and recommend a pad to suit from there.

Q. My R56 MINI is suffering from a hesitation – what could it be?

A. It’s quite common for Gen 2 MINI’s to suffer from coking around the inlet valves. Due to the nature of this direct-injection engine, the valves get coated in a thick black residue, which can affect the performance of the car; loss of power, hesitation and misfiring are not uncommon complaints.

It’s, therefore, possible you’ll need a de-coke service and we offer two levels; simple and full (full details here). There may be other causes but this has been a common way of rectifying general running complaints and is worth investigating.  We strongly urge gen 2 R56 Cooper S & JCW owners to factor de-coking into your regular servicing plans.

Q. How much power will my car make with a remap?

A. We offer a range of generation 2 remaps that are available for a wide variety of MINI variants. Our Superchips remaps offer increased throttle response and a small increase in bhp and torque - we recommend the Superchips maps for stock generation 2 MINI's - see the table below for power gains. We also offer some Lohen remaps for the generation 2 Cooper S and JCW MINI's, we recommend these maps for those MINI's that have been modified - see the table below for the expected power gains.


MINI Variant

BHP Gains

Torque Gains

Superchips - Stage 1

One (2010+)



Superchips - Stage 1

One D (2010+)



Superchips - Stage 1




Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper D



Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper S



Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper SD



Lohen - Stage 1

Cooper S & JCW


60 - 80

Lohen - Stage 2

Cooper S & JCW


80 - 100

Q. Which spark plugs should I use for my Gen 2 MINI?

A. For the second generation R series MINI, we recommend that you fit the NGK High-Performance spark plugs. They are a single iridium spark plug with a heat range of 8. Their colder heat range means that they can deal with the increased demands placed on the ignition and produce a better spark. These spark plugs have a 0.6 mm gap which helps the stock coils when running heavy boost. We recommend these high-performance spark plugs if you are looking to tune your Gen 2 MINI.

Q. How much power will I get from a Lohen Performance Pack?

A. For the Gen 2 MINI (N14 and N18) engines we offer 2 performance packs, both of which combine the best hardware and software components on the market to produce a MINI that oozes power.

      • Performance Pack 1 - This performance pack was designed to enhance those MINIs used for everyday driving, it looks to deliver an additional 35+ bhp.
      • Performance Pack 2 - This pack is tailored more towards those using their MINI for fast road or light track applications. Lohen performance pack 2 delivers between 70 - 75 bhp extra, producing a MINI that performs beautifully.


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