Global Shipping

Global Shipping

Delivery charges are based on weight (kgs) within the UK and Europe, International orders are based on volumetric weight and may be more than what you pay at checkout. Charges are the same when ordering online, by email or over the phone and include VAT. Items if in stock are dispatched same day (Before 2pm) and sent on a next working day service and includes insurance cover. See our main section below for more details.

Sample shipping costs


Orders under £75 are sent by a DPD next day service and cost between £6 and £8.50 depending on weight. 

Orders over £75 are sent for free by a DPD next day service. 



For European orders, parcels are sent by DPD and costs start from £12 up to 30kg per box. Delivery time takes between 3-7 working days depending on country. 



Charges are based on volumetric weight and take from 4-10 working days depending on country. 


Please note:
Our shipping prices are occasionally subject to change. Lohen reserves the right to contact you with a shipping amendment if necessary.

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