Generation 3 FAQs

Generation 3 FAQ’s


Q. How much power will my F Series MINI make with a remap?

A. We offer a range of remaps for the F Series MINIs including options for those of you that drive a diesel. 


MINI Variant

BHP Gains

Torque Gains

Superchips - Stage 1

F56 One D



Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper D



Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper SD



Superchips - Stage 1

Cooper S



Superchips - Stage 1




Superchips - Stage 1




Superchips - Stage 2




Superchips - Stage 1

1499 GT



Lohen - Stage 1

Cooper S & JCW



Lohen - Stage 2

Cooper S & JCW




Q. Which spark plugs should I use for my Gen 3 MINI?

A. For those with a Generation 3 F-Series MINI, we recommend opting for the NGK JCW High-Performance spark plugs. These are high-quality, high-performance spark plugs come as standard on some JCW MINI’s and are suitable for use in standard Cooper S and JCW MINI’s. These performance spark plugs have a higher heat range which means they can handle the increased demands placed on the engine.


Q. How much power will I get from a Lohen Performance Pack?

A. We have a variety of performance packs available for the generation 3 MINI including the 1.5 L (B38) Cooper engine and the 2.0 L (B48) Cooper S and JCW engine. So what can you expect? - well that all depends on the MINI your drive and the performance pack you pick. 

B38 Performance Packs

Performance Pack 1 - This performance pack looks to deliver approximately 40+ bhp and 40+ Nm of torque, taking the MINI from 136 bhp (stock - according to MINI) to approximately 170-180 bhp. 

Performance Pack 2 - This pack should deliver around 60+ bhp and 70+ Nm of Torque, taking your MINI from 136 bhp (stock - according to MINI) to approximately 200+ bhp, which for a 3 litre MINI is pretty nippy.


B48 Performance Packs

For those with a B48 engine Cooper S or JCW, we have 2 options available. Our performance pack 1 is most suited for those everyday drivers wanting a little more from their MINI, however performance pack 2 is tailored more towards fast road applications.

Performance Pack 1 - This performance pack looks to deliver approximately 250 bhp and 440 Nm of Torque, producing a MINI that will leave a smile on your face.

Performance Pack 2 - This pack will deliver approximately 280-300 bhp and 460 Nm of Torque, producing a MINI that really does pack a punch.


Q. Will the Union Jack lights fit my car?

The MINI union jack rear tail lights fit both the F55 and F56 generation 3 MINI and work with both the pre-LCI halogen lights and the LED lights. Once fitted, it is worth noting that there will be a warning light on the dash (this is due to the indicator light now being LED rather than a bulb, this will need to be coded out. If you are fitting these lights to a MINI with Halogen lights as standard then an extra wiring harness will be required - this can be found on our website. We can fit and code these lights in an hour and for £90 - this service will remove the warning light on the dash, allowing you to drive away.

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