Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead

Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead
13 November 2023
Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead

Finishing Strong and Looking Ahead!

The atmosphere was electric as I prepared for the final round at Timeattack, Snetterton Circuit. You could tell that the drivers were all on edge, with a weather forecast that played tricks on us. Initially, dry conditions were predicted, but the weather had other plans. The day started off wet, setting the stage for an exciting challenge.

Starting Off Wet and Drying Throughout the Day

I arrived at Snetterton with the weather forecasting dry conditions, a rare surprise for this venue known for its unpredictability. But the day was full of surprises. As I headed out for the warm-up session, I found that the track was damp in places, making the challenge even more daunting. It was my first time at this circuit, and getting acquainted with it was essential. All fears were put aside because I had confidence in my setup and that my car could handle conditions like this, with the help of great breaks and a roll cage I was safe no matter what.

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Turning Wheels on a Slippery Warm-up

The warm-up session really tested my driving skills and adaptability. I used this opportunity to get to know the track and to feel the car, all in preparation for the sessions that faced me ahead. The ever-changing weather conditions made the learning curve steep, but it was a challenge I was ready to conquer.

From Practice to Record-Breaking Aspirations

I set my sights on a goal for the day: breaking the old lap record for Pocket Rocket F.I., which stood at 1:23.500. As the circuit began to dry up, it was finally time to push on towards this goal. However, I encountered some understeer and tyre overheating issues.

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Choosing the AR-1 tires, even in the damp conditions, was a strategic decision, knowing their potential in dry conditions. I was experiencing some understeer and excessive tyre heat, so in order to rectify the issues occurring I made some damper adjustments, making the rear stiffer and the front softer, only by a couple of clicks. This gave me more rear-end rotation and gave me more grip on the front of the car through the high-speed corners. To disperse the tyre heat I decided to run an extra cooldown lap to get them to the optimal temperature for a hot lap.

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Aiming for Improvement in Qualifying

With a less-than-perfect practice session clocking in at 1:25.000, I entered the qualifying session with the hope that my adjustments and the drying weather would work in my favour. The car responded beautifully to the changes, and I became more and more familiar with the circuit. As the laps went by, I managed to shave a second off my time, though there was more to give. Qualifying P3 was a promising result, setting the stage for the final showdown.

The Grand Finale: Pushing for Perfection

Entering the final, I was filled with confidence, knowing this was the last chance of the season to set an outstanding time. I started the session with a 1:23.000 lap and continued pushing my limits. As the delta time came down, I managed a remarkable 1:22.800. But I wasn't satisfied. With one last lap to give it my all, I pushed harder and managed a final lap time of 1:22.500, securing a P2 position by 2 hundredths of a second.

A Season of Growth and Promise

Reflecting on the entire season, it's been an incredible journey. Both the car and I have grown, from humble beginnings to competitive times and positions on the podium. The promise of Timeattack 2024 is incredibly exciting, with a stellar track lineup ahead. I know the competition and what needs to be done to fight for that coveted P1 position in the upcoming season.

The journey continues, and I’m ready for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.

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