Denso Iridium Spark Plugs for MINI R50 / R53 (Gen 1)

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Denso spark plugs for your MINI from one of the world's leading manufacturers of automotive components. The colder uprated iridium spark plugs are suitable for Generation 1 MINIs including R50, R52 and R53. When driving modified fast road MINI’s it is advised to use performance spark plugs.

Using Denso Iridium spark plugs in your MINI Cooper S or JCW will improve all aspects of performance from acceleration and throttle response to idle stability and mileage. This is thanks to the world's smallest 0.4mm iridium centre electrode.

The tip of the spark plug is made of iridium as this is one of the strongest and has one of the highest melting points. This enables Denso to make a finer, thinner tip which gives the spark plug a concentrated spark and therefore making it more efficient and less likely to misfire. In other words, the slimmer the electrode, the more concentrated the potential, and the stronger the electric field becomes, reducing jump spark voltage. This results in constant combustion in all areas of driving, and improved starting and acceleration.

The ground electrode has a tapered cut. The streamlined taper makes the air-fuel mixture flow more smoothly, guaranteeing steadier ignition. A U-shaped groove has been set into the inside of the ground electrode also. This creates the space volume necessary for formation of the spark nucleus.

Available in various heat ranges, if you would like a higher heat rating or your MINI is more powerful than standard or you feel your driving style is more demanding than normal please call us for details and we will be able to choose a heat range with you. Alternatively if you know which Denso spark plugs you are after you can select it yourself by the IK number.

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