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In their own words: Founded in the late 1980's, Helix had the express intention of becoming the number one clutch manufacture range for competition cars. Helix Autosport production started at the beginning of the early 1990's and the company quickly obtained a reputation for the manufacture and supply of quality clutches.

Helix Autosport is now a leading supplier of hand-made competition clutches based in the UK with distributors around the world.

The technical department of Helix Autosport has over 45 years experience in the manufacture and design of clutch system, including 17 years at AP. The company's expertise, together with its flexible production facilities, enable Helix Autosport to provide a prototype and bespoke clutch service to suit most applications/installations. With it's products being supplied to most European countries and being campaigned successfully, winning many prestigious endurance race and rally events around the world.

The policy of the company is one of continuous development to provide the best in quality, reliability and performance. It is therefore no supprise that several automotive manufactures have requested supply of it's products including: BMW, Honda, Nissan, Proton, Renault, Seat, Vauxhall and Volkswagen.

Over the last 20 years Helix Autosport has been requested to give assistance to many British sports car manufacturers such as: Radical, Caterham and TVR.

Lohen and Helix Autosport: Throughout the generations of MINI, Helix Autosport has provided aftermarket clutch and flywheel solutions to suit all applications. Many of our commuting and daily use MINI drivers have needs closer to OEM spec whilst our fast road and track customers require specific upgraded clutch parts to suit with the demands of extra power and torque.

Lohen is proud to offer MINI clutch and flywheel kits across the spectrum. Built in the UK, Helix Autosport's organic drive plate clutch kits can suit original dual mass flywheels as well as being configured to team with single mass flywheels. There are also a range of drive plates available to suit your driving style meaning that when your standard clutch wears and slips, you have a range of top-quality options to get you back on the road.

Beyond this Lohen also supplies the full range of performance based clutch and flywheel kits for all highly tuned MINIs. Predominantly focusing on single mass flywheels and sprung drive plates, we have a clutch setup to suit all needs and can cope with large horsepower and torque figures. Each kit can swap in an organic or paddle style drive plate giving you maximum flexibility, particularly if your MINI's use changes from daily driver to track car. Lohen is always happy to discuss your needs to ensure you are supplied with the correct kit.

So, if you're looking simply to get from A to B or have a highly modified MINI benefitting from updated remapping and subsequent power increases, Lohen will stock a Helix Clutch and Flywheel Kit to suit your needs.

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