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Superchips Bluefin Remap - Gen 1 MINI Cooper S - Upto 8bhp

£244.00 £203.33

The Superchips Bluefin uses the same remap as with our VSpire service except you can do it from anywhere. The Bluefin is a handheld module that plugs into your MINI and remaps the engine for greater performance. The great part about the Bluefin is that we send it to you so you don't have to come to us for a remap. Even better you can take the remap off and return it to standard when ever you need (and put it back on when you like too). Great if your worried about servicing your MINI. This remap is not for use with a reduced supercharger pulley, please call for details.

The Superchips Bluefin remap for the MINI Cooper S will give your car upto 8bhp and an increase in torque on both 163 & 170bhp models. A great way of improving power without being expensive.

For further information see our tech article on the Bluefin: What is a Superchip Bluefin?


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