Zircotec Zircoflex III Ceramic Heat Shielding

Zircotec has developed a range of flexible heat shields known as ZircoFlex. It's a flexible foil-backed ceramic heat shield that offers improved thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. This is Zircoflex III. Using the Zircoflex 3 heat shielding on your MINI in heat hotspots within the engine bay will reduce temperatures by up to 85% over standard allowing you to push your MINI harder for longer during fast road and track use. Reduced engine bay temperatures may lead to extra power to be had from your supercharged or turbo charged MINI engine too.

Zircoflex III is the thickest Zircoflex available from Zircotec that offers 3 layers of ThermoHold ceramic. This offers the best protection out of the Zircoflex range.

Using Zircoflex III on your MINI is a great way of reducing engine bay temperatures or heat hotspots. Using Zircoflex over standard heat shield components can reduce surface temperatures by up to 85%. Zircoflex is able to do this due to the ceramic coating reducing direct heat transfer and the aluminium foil reflecting the radiant heat.

One benefit of using Zircoflex is how flexible the material is allowing it to be applied to multiple applications. Some of these applications include but are not limited to; protecting body work, reducing heat soak through bulk heads and footwells, wrapping wiring components, fuel tank heat protection and protection of the engine bay components from engine and exhaust heat.

Installing / applying the Zircoflex III is very simple and is available in a heat resistant adhesive backed version if required making it even easier to apply the Zircoflex. Zircoflex is very light and thin being built up of a platelet structure so it can be bent and tightly folded through 180°. Finally Zircoflex is available in a range of sizes from A4 up to large sheets of 900mm x 550mm which can even be cut with heavy duty scissors or stapled so you get the perfect size of Zircoflex to cover the surface area you need protecting from heat.

Please Note:

Although Zircoflex is a highly temperature resistant material, it has a maximum working temperature of around 500 c. After this temperature the backing material may become damaged and the heat shield will fail. If you are seeing such temperatures then further heat prevention measures should be taken (i.e. Zircotec coating on exhaust/turbo components).

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