QuickSilver Exhausts

QuickSilver MINI Exhaust Range

QuickSilver Exhausts manufacture the most aggressive sounding MINI systems on the market. With a crisp, wholesome tone available through the entire rev range.

Our exhausts create an immersive driving experience, and we design every system to feel connected to the driver’s right foot. QuickSilver-equipped MINI’s will benefit in all areas of performance; unrivalled sound, huge weight savings and the ability for the car to rev more freely.

Every system is conceived at the Technology Centre, part of our Surrey HQ and we manufacture in-house, exclusively in Great Britain. We engineer for sound quality first, with volume a by-product of thunderous tone. Each silencer is free from mechanical baffling, and our systems represent some of the lightest and loudest available. That’s why you’ll find QuickSilver Exhausts on some of the world’s most powerful MINI’s.


QuickSilver’s R53 system provides a crisp, progressive note with a massive 8kg (18lbs) weight saving. Our single oval tailpipe features additional silencing to provide control for cruising and track applications.


QuickSilver’s R56 system features an easy-breathing cylindrical rear silencer, free from artificial restriction, which results in a full-bodied tone with control at motorway speeds. Our unresonated centre sections keep gasses moving quickly and provide a crisp, defined note from idle to redline.

QuickSilver systems feature on some of the world’s highest power R56’s, including Craig Wilcox’s multi SCCA / Prosolo winning time attack race car.

Thunderous tone meets matte carbon fibre tips to culminate in the best sounding, best looking R56 exhausts available, with a 10KG (22lbs) weight saving.


QuickSilver’s R55 system combines a free-flowing non-resonated centre section with a twin-box rear section for an excellent depth and range of note without being overbearing for daily driven cars. Our system saves 13.2kg (29lbs) in weight and looks as good as it sounds with chunky, carbon-wrapped trims.


QuickSilver’s sport system for the Countryman and Paceman re-writes the rule book, deleting the heavy, restrictive rear silencer and utilising a straight-through resonated centre section to provide control at cruising speeds. The result is a ballistic tone with pops, bangs and gurgles galore.


QuickSilver’s F56 system is a simple solution for the enthusiast that requires more tone, without the hassle of changing catalysts.

Our oval silencer internals reduces intrusive ‘drone’ frequencies whilst unleashing the mid-range tone that the OE R56 exhaust lacks. Pops and bangs become more pronounced in Sport mode, with a progressive note and 3 KG (7lbs) weight saving. Matte carbon fibre tips provide the looks to match the tone.

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