RECARO Sportster CS Gen2

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The RECARO Sportster CS is the perfect fusion of racing shell and sport seat, creating a no-compromise option for those who value performance and comfort. This is the Non-Airbag version and comes complete with baseframe.

Performance & Style

The Sportster CS is instantly recognisable, with its form similar of that to the JCW seat. The dynamic shapes and surfaces make this RECARO range trendsetters in the field of seat design.

But, as important as when you chose your MINI’s exterior and trim, the Sportster CS now gives the ability to completely customise your seats, with a range of upholstery materials and colours to suit the most varied of tastes! Now you can dare to be different!


The combination of MINI baseframes, airbag and seat mean the Sportster CS is a direct replacement for your standard seat, perfectly coordinated to work with your MINI. Meeting ABE approval, the Sportster CS can be fitted into your vehicle, and should still comply with your car’s warranty and insurance requirements.

Working in perfect harmony with your interior, the seat teams seamlessly with your standard 3-point belt. You retain all the flexibility of your MINI’s rear seats, and ease of access. And, should you wish to enhance your performance for a fast-road drive or occasional track day, the Sportster CS is perfectly at home with a 4-point harness. See our Willans harnesses, as featured in our R53 demonstrator and R56 Race Car.

RECARO is proud of its reputation as the only supplier of retrofit seats with side airbags for optimal safety. During development, RECARO subject their seats to loads approximately 20% greater than statutory requirements for static tests, and 300% greater for dynamic requirements many times over. You can rest assured, in an impact, the Sportster CS is at the leading edge of safety classification to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Posture and Comfort

Over the years, RECARO has continuously worked to develop and improve the comfort and support offered by their seats. Taking into account ergonomics, comfort and quality, the Sportster CS is a superb choice when looking to upgrade your MINI’s seats.

The RECARO seat feels firm, yet comfortable. The shape is designed to eliminate excessive conscious and unconscious posture changes, a sure sign your original seat is giving inadequate support. In particular, the pronounced side bolsters provide the driver or passenger with more support and hold to facilitate correct posture in your MINI. Think of the seat as taking all the strain, meaning your body can relax and enjoy the journey. All-round ease of use Space-saving technology allows the Sportster CS to occupy less of your interior than a standard seat. The tilting and sliding ability of the seat and baseframe means your rear seats wont be compromised, where static bucket seats means the back bench is often rendered redundant. You’ll also benefit from ease of access, with the seats sliding forward for maximum accessibility. When all elements combine, it’s easy to see why these seats are considered world class. As standard it offers:

  • Contoured shoulder support
  • Pronounced side bolsters
  • Backrest adjustment on both sides
  • Integrated headrest
  • Backrest tilt-forward release
  • Belt guide for 4-point belt 
  • Ability to use standard 3-point belt
  • Space-saving design
  • Integrated sidemount
  • Available in a range of colours and materials

This is the Non-Airbag version and takes 4 - 6 weeks to manufacture. This comes complete with baseframe.

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