In their own words: The RECARO Group encompasses the two divisions of Aircraft Seating and Child Safety as well as the RECARO Holding. RECARO Automotive Seating uses the brand as a licensing partner. The RECARO brand stands for seating expertise. We prefer to speak of an "expertise for seating" since this covers more than just the seat, but also who is sitting in it and where the seat is used. The aim is to find the perfect solution for better seating.

In order to develop the ideal seat, one has to completely understand the seated condition. You have to be familiar with and understand the anatomy, physiology and movements of the human body. For this reason, our development teams not only consist of engineers and designers, but also ergonomic specialists. At the same time, RECARO has been synonymous with intensive, scientific research for many decades. The result is as simple as it is relevant: a deep understanding to provide better seating solutions.

All of our models have been specially adapted to the varying demands and situations in your everyday life: from sporty automotive seats to safe child car seats, from lightweight aircraft seats to sturdy seats for trucks.

To date, over 300,000 products bear our name. Despite all this variety, RECARO seats always have one thing in common: They ideally meet the requirements for their respective application with regard to ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics.

RECARO fascinates with trailblazing solutions for better seating!

Lohen and RECARO: Following on from the success of the factory-installed RECARO MINI seats, Lohen is proud to work closely with RECARO supplying their aftermarket Sportster CS and other RECARO bucket seat alternatives to all generations of MINIs.

Available in a wide range of trim and design, the RECARO range is as unique as MINIs themselves, where each can be selected to work in harmony with your car's interior. Lohen has installed a wide range of seats into many MINIs and has developed the expertise to perform a quick, perfect install that will leave you delighted with the end results.

You may be looking for the perfect fast road seat, or perhaps a track-specific bucket seat that offers lightweight protection when lapping at speed. Lohen can supply it all with access to RECARO's vast range of performance seats and baseframes. If you're unsure of which seat will install to your MINI, why not drop the Lohen team a line and they'll be happy to help.

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