In their own words: RT Quaife Engineering Ltd is a global leader in the performance automotive drivetrain industry, supplying motorsport users, volume OEM and commercial customers with a wide variety of precision engineered products for cars, motorcycles and specialist use vehicles.

From clubman rallying up to Formula One, tens of thousands of automotive and motorcycle users depend on Quaife products to maximise their vehicle’s performance on a daily basis , including sequential gearboxes, automatic torque biasing differentials and associated drivetrain components.

Operating in a fast paced, competitive multi-disciplinary sector drives both people and plant requirements within the firm to deliver innovation, quality and performance, based on long-term investment in the finest human and machinery resources available.

Headquartered in the South East of England close to the Brands Hatch racing circuit and employing eighty staff at two high-tech facilities, Quaife boasts advanced design and production equipment allied to unrivalled expertise and experience.

Enjoying ISO 9001-2008 quality accreditation and a client list that includes the world’s largest car manufacturers, Quaife is the recognised market leader in automotive transmission technology and is able to take a customer’s initial concept and manage the process right through to a high performance, fully reliable, finished component.

Since 1965 Quaife’s track record of success has helped to build the brand into a globally recognised business that places great emphasis on long term working relationships with employees, customers and suppliers

Lohen and Quaife: Lohen has been lucky enough to work hard in hand with some of the UK's finest manufacturers of MINI parts and we are very proud of our association with Quaife Engineering. Their differentials offer superb traction to MINI enthusiasts looking to push their car hard, whether for fast road or track and race use.

The Quaife ATB Differential has long been a staple tuning part within the MINI tuning community. Offering superb drive, Lohen first tested this component in our R53 MINI Cooper S and later installed it to our race cars. We found for fast road use it was the perfect combination of performance without being too heavy for every day use. It also offered Lohen a vital testing role as to the importance of differentials in fast road and track MINIs and allowed us to perform back-to-back testing with a Cusco limited slip differential to ascertain the very best setup for both fast road and track use. Lohen is proud of our development work and will share our findings with the wider MINI community to benefit all MINI drivers.

As with many other Lohen brands, Quaife is British company with real heritage and passion for car tuning. Lohen has been recognised as Quaife's Approved Fitting Centre for New MINIs and carries large stocks of differentials for immediate installation, as well as shipping. If it's good enough for the MINI Challenge, you know it will stand up to the test of fast road and track enthusiasts.

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