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In their own words: More than 32 years of continuous exhaust development and technical expertise are drawn upon to develop the ultimate Milltek Sport range of performance products, offering an ever-expanding comprehensive selection of performance exhausts which build on the successes of key marques like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW and Nissan.

This has placed Milltek Sport at the forefront of tuning companies and owners 'must have' list. Milltek Sport has appointed key distributors and are currently exporting to more than 80 countries around the world.

Milltek Sport exhausts are produced in high quality type-304 aircraft grade stainless steel. This material is anti-magnetic (other manufacturers' stainless steel may not be) and is less susceptible to discolouration. This quality of stainless steel is used on all pipework and the total construction of the silencer. Mandrel bending ensures full flow bends for better gas flow and Milltek systems are increased in bore to ensure ultimate performance without the loss of mid-range torque.

Milltek exhausts are designed, developed and manufactured in-house in the UK.

Milltek Sport and Lohen, in Milltek Sport's words: "Milltek Sport offers one of the finest and most comprehensive ranges of performance exhaust upgrades for New MINIs.

Back in 2002, Milltek was one of the first aftermarket performance suppliers in the UK to gain access to the R53 Cooper S upon its launch, quickly adding one to its development fleet. That fact, combined with the company’s vast experience of all BMW powerplants, paid huge dividends. The design of the R53 exhaust offers superb power and torque gains, with a thoroughly ‘grown-up’ soundtrack. Lohen realised the potential of the Milltek systems and the two companies worked together to hone their respective products and services to the ultimate benefit of owners around the World.

Not only did Milltek strike a chord with R53 Cooper S owners, they also took their knowledge of the car and expertly applied it to other models in the range including the R50 One, Cooper and R52 Convertible.

13 years later and two generations of New MINI further down the line, Milltek Sport still leads the way and is widely considered the brand of choice for aftermarket MINI performance exhausts."

Lohen and Milltek Sport: Lohen has been fortunate to work with some of the best British brands to help research and develop the very finest products for New MINI owners. Our relationship with Milltek Sport has been no exception, with Lohen feeding back information about the New MINI scene to improve and develop Milltek's superb stainless steel exhaust systems.

Hundreds of Lohen customers have benefitted from these top aftermarket exhausts. With their sporty tones and excellent workmanship, Milltek's lifetime warranty has only very occasionally been called into play however they have delivered faultlessly when needed. Lohen is proud to supply cat-back exhausts and catalysts that offer real quality, performance and peace of mind to our customers. When you buy a Milltek Sport product you can rest assured you're making a sound investment in your MINI.

Always keen to offer MINI-specific aftermarket products for the New MINI that solve specific problems, Lohen welcomes feedback on these systems and feeds it directly back to the manufacturer. A great example includes the Gen 2 MINI JCW exhaust system, where the original tailpipes were fouling the JCW bodywork. Lohen recommended an alteration to the kit and JCW-specific tailpipes are now available to prevent damper to your rear bumper. Just another example of attention to detail that will only improve your MINI.

We are pleased to stock the full range of Milltek Sport for every generation of MINI and welcome any questions or feedback about the entire range.

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