Lohen Button Mount

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The Lohen Button Mount resolves the problem of where to mount the Sport and DSC buttons when installing a CAE Shifting Technology Short Shifter to the Generation 2 MINI Cooper S and JCW.

When installing the CAE Short Shifter to the MINI Generation 2 Cooper S and JCW Lohen found the Sport and Tranction Control button assembly needed to be moved to accommodate the shifter. Lohen trialed a number of locations and found that the cup holder was a suitable location to mount the buttons and allowed the driver to easily access the controls.

Further, installing the CAE shifter left the cup holders unusable; the Lohen Button Mount also comes with a cup holder that can be inserted into the left holder position to regain functionality of the holder.

The Lohen Button Holder is suitable for all Generation 2 Cooper S and JCW models that have a CAE Short Shifter installed with Lohen. 

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