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Eibach MINI Anti Roll Bar Kit For Gen 1 R50 R52 R53

£368.00 £306.67


  • 5-year warranty
  • Reduce body roll
  • Increased balance, handling and cornering grip
  • Help correct under or oversteer

Eibach anti-Roll Bars (or Sway Bars) will reduce the body roll when driving your MINI through corners and during fast changes of direction. This will give more grip and will also give the driver more confidence in the car's cornering ability. Includes front and rear anti-roll bars, the front is 25mm thick and the rear is 19mm thick.

The standard anti-roll bars are fine for the average driver but when cornering speeds start to rise (due to more power or suspension upgrades) the body roll will be more noticeable than before, which will result in a reduction in tyre contact on the road surface. This will increase the load difference between the wheels on different sides of the vehicle, reducing the grip on one of the sides and potentially resulting in wheels spin as you power out of the corner. The front roll bar is 25mm thick and the rear roll bar is 19mm thick. 

MINI's suffer from under-steer and lift-off oversteer. This anti-roll bar kit will help reduce and correct the chances of under-steer or over-steer from happening, improving handling and safety whilst pushing your MINI through the corners.  

An Eibach Anti Roll Bar (Sway Bar) would be extra beneficial to MINI R52 Cooper S owners due to the chassis having more flex due to the lack of a roof on the convertible variant. 

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