Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice


In their own words: Dodo Juice was set up in June 2007 by PJ and Dom, a couple of guys who wanted to wake up the car wax industry, make it a double espresso and then jump on its bed.

Tired of the car care industry’s prehistoric marketing and mass-produced offerings, Dodo Juice was established with one aim in mind – to bring high performance car care products to the enthusiast, at realistic prices, without any pompous claims.

Launching with just five hand made waxes, the range has grown to over 300 products, sold in over 40 countries. Many of the products have won awards; Dodo Juice’s first shampoo, Born to be Mild, has won Detailing World Wash Product of the Year for four consecutive years. Clearly Menthol glass cleaner and Supernatural Leather Cleaner both won their categories in the 2015 Auto Express awards. Even the company gets some occasional silverware, with an HSBC Start Up Stars Award just three years after foundation.

Overall, Dodo Juice is a company that is proud to be different, proud that its logo is difficult to read, proud of its distinctive website ( and proud to be responsible and educational whilst retaining a sense of fun and mischief. One day it may even achieve its ambition of buying a volcano island, complete with monorail and laser. Then its competitors will have even more to worry about.

Dodo Juice and Lohen, In Dodo Juice's words: "As a car care company, we have to cover all marques and models of vehicle, but the New MINI is a blend of the latest technology and cheeky old school charm, and this ties in with our ‘modern performance meets traditional values’ ethos. Lohen is the leading specialist MINI tuner, so we didn’t want to deal with anyone else."

Lohen and Dodo Juice: Lohen is always looking to associate ourselves with the very best manufacturers in their field and Dodo Juice fit that bill perfectly. Manufacturing beautiful, hand-made car cleaning products suitable for any New MINI, we're proud to use their finest shampoo, wax and detailer on the entire Lohen demonstrator fleet.

We stock a very select Dodo Juice range but can supply special products if needed. If you don't see the product you're after listed at our online store, contact one of the Lohen Team to express interest and they'll, as always, be happy to help. With the very finest ingredients used, why not treat your MINI to a clean it wont forget? And, with the high quality of each item, the value for money is assured.

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