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In their own words: CravenSpeed - Portland, OR USA. Our mission is to constantly create and evolve high quality solutions that improve the relationship between drivers and their cars. We started designing products for the MINI in 2005 and have been coming up with new ideas and improving on our old ones ever since.

Lohen and CravenSpeed: Lohen's relationship with MINI parts manufacturer, CravenSpeed, started way back in 2009 and has continued to develop and evolve over the years. Lohen's passion for the creation and supply of top-quality New MINI accessories and tuning parts led us to forge a tie with this American Tuning House and we haven't looked back.

Lohen is the UK's sole importer and further distributor of CravenSpeed products. If you're looking for a particular part we deal directly with CravenSpeed to secure you the best lead time and availability, as well as price; we deal direct with the US to save you the time and complications of customs and importing. Lohen stocks the largest range of CravenSpeed products in the UK, with a vast selection of interior parts including (but not limited to) ScanGauge and engine Gauge Mounts, various iPhone and Smart Phone Mounts plus Short Shifter Kits, the Chimex and Flex Pod Kits.

For engine performance we stock both sizes of CravenSpeed Reduced Supercharger PulleysCrank Pulleys, replacement MINI Dipsticks and Induction Kits as well as a vast selection of exterior parts including Tow HooksAntennas and Sharkfin Antennas. We're confident you will find anything you need however, if there is something new or special you're after, Lohen is best placed to order CravenSpeed parts from the US quickly and efficiently.

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