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Cobra Seats

Cobra Seats


In their own words: The Cobra brand is recognised globally as the name behind some of the most sophisticated seating in the world.

For over 30 years Cobra Seats has been manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom, earning a reputation that unites innovative technology, quality of design and functional elegance.

It’s a reputation built on passion. In the 1960’s Len Dunsford was acknowledged as one of the country’s best vehicle trimmers – his work graced racing cockpits used by names like Moss, McQueen and Clark.

Nowadays modern heroes place their trust in Cobra’s ability to combine the very highest safety standards with weight saving technology… and Cobra is still a family run company – grandson Mark, who is Managing Director, shares his father’s and grandfather’s “hands on” passion for the art of building the finest seats and car interiors.

Lohen and Cobra Seats: Working with British brands at the top of their game is a fantastic opportunity for Lohen and Cobra Seats is no exception. If you chop Cobra through the proverbial middle they run red, white and blue with three generations of Dunsfords having steered the company to continual success with British-manufactured seating.

Lohen is proud to have been selected as Cobra's fitting centre for New MINI seats, where Lohen's MINI expertise work hand in hand with these superb bucket seats to provide the perfect solution for MINI drivers. Are you looking to install bucket seats into your track MINI? Lohen can help, having worked hand in hand with Cobra to test and develop the perfect fitting solution for both R53 and R56 MINIs. Lohen can't speak highly enough of Cobra seats and, in turn, we support their full range of product design and development.

Through Cobra, Lohen is proud to offer our MINI customers a range of bespoke options designed to make their Cobra bucket seat as unique as both you and your MINI. If you'd like your initials or a logo embroidering into your seat? Not a problem, Cobra offers custom trimming to accommodate your design, however elaborate. Those little, bespoke touches set these seats apart from other manufacturers and provide you with something you will cherish.

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