The Lohen Demonstrator Fleet

Here at Lohen, we have a range of BMW MINIs across all the generations to offer as demonstrator MINIs. We strongly believe that many of the aftermarket tuning products we sell are subjective and therefore need to be driven to truly experience their true benefits and improvements.

On arrival at Lohen, each demonstrator vehicle is usually given a nickname. This is done to help identify them among the mass of MINIs we have here.  All our demonstrator vehicles are available to test drive, so you can discover what modifications are best for you. Simply speak to our sales team before you arrive and they will arrange a test drive.

Our Gen 1 MINIs


Scooper, a Generation 1 MINI Cooper S, is one of the more recent cars that has joined the Lohen Fleet. Bought as a development car for the W11 Tuning Package, she is currently equipped with a Link G+ ECU and Custom Lohen Map, a Lohen High Pressure Fuel Pump, Lohen High Flow Injectors and a Bosch Wide band Lambda, all of which are included in the tuning pack. She is also equipped with an Alta 15% Reduced Supercharger Pulley, a Newman Camshaft and an Airtec Intercooler which together with the tuning pack produce a MINI that is a force to be reckoned with and one that most MINI owners would be proud to own.



Trouble is a Generation 1 MINI R53 Cooper S and was the first in a long line of MINIs to join our demonstrator fleet. Under her previous owner, Trouble had lived a relatively modest life, however, since then she’s undergone a performance makeover. She has lived up to her name, as she’s suffered some ups and downs along her journey here at Lohen, but at her peak, she produced 260 bhp. Trouble currently has a Lohen W11 Ported Head, a Link G+ ECU with a Custom Lohen Tune, a Janspeed Manifold and Motorsport Cat and some other performance modifications all of which can be seen here!

Our Gen 2 MINIs


Chilli joined our demonstrator fleet in 2012 and since then has undergone one of the biggest transformations of all our MINIs.  In 2017, she had completed over 110,000 on her standard engine, which was starting to fail; because of this we gave her a complete engine overhaul, opting for an N14 Config 6 Crate Engine package to replace the standard, this paired with the Lohen Performance Pack 3 which is also fitted to Chilli, allows her to comfortable run the power produced from the Manic Motorsport Manic Remap.  Having upgraded her power and handling it was time we focused on her interior, so in 2018 we added a Safety Devices R56 Show Cage and installed a Vibe Audio Kit to her, finishing off with a set of bespoke Cobra Nogaro seats provides the perfect track look. Chilli’s full spec list can be found here!


For some, the MINI Clubman is not the most aesthetically pleasing of all the MINI models but for us, it provides more than just additional space. Bought in 2007, our MINI R55 Clubman Cooper D, or Clubby as she is better known, has been a consistent workhorse of the Lohen Fleet as a Courtesy Car and is potentially one of the most comfortable members of the fleet to drive. Unlike most of our other demonstrator MINIs, Clubby does not run coilovers, instead, we opted to fit a set of Koni FSD Dampers with a set of Eibach Lowering Springs which help add a sporty feel to this MINI. The addition of an Anti-Roll Bar Kit and an OMP Strut Brace only enhance Clubby’s handling capabilities further. While not many modifications have been made to her engine the addition of an Airtec Intercooler helps to keep the temperatures in her engine bay to a minimum. Most recently though, we added a set of MSW 25 wheels to her which look especially good on a larger wheel. Clubby’s full spec list can be found here.


In 2013, we took one of the largest members of the MINI family under our wing. Our Generation 2 MINI R60 Cooper SD, which is simply referred to as Countryman (inventive we know), soon got modified.

Upgrading this MINIs handling was one of our priorities, as the standard set-up was crashy and harsh, we chose to install a set of Bilstein B6 Dampers which when partnered with a set of Eibach Lowering Springs gave this 4-Wheel Drive a firm yet sporty feel. To accompany the handling upgrades that ‘Countryman’ had, an AP Racing 2 Piece Big Brake Kit fitted so she not only handled well but stopped well too. After both the handling and brakes were upgraded we then focused on her power, our partnership with Superchips meant that Diesel Mapping was now possible.


After being a reliable courtesy car for a few years, we made the decision to take this R56 Cooper S (known to us as Penny), off the rental road so we could make some subtle modifications to her. The aim was to make her a show worthy car that the everyday MINI owner dreams of having, so we began by fitting our Performance Pack 1 which makes the MINI engine ooze power and torque.  We decided to upgrade Penny’s interior in 2017 and with the help of Cobra Seats, we retrimmed the seats in a much improved black leather and grey alcantara combination. Penny then had some exterior modifications added which included a RSI C6 Fibreglass G wing and Carbon Fibre bonnet scoop cover adding to her already aggressive look. Our recent partnership with Ragazzon meant that we were able to get our hands on an R56 Valved Exhaust and as Penny’s exhaust was looking old she was the perfect candidate. The exhaust gives her an aggressive and deep sporty tone at the click of a button – you can see the installation and results of this exhaust fitter to Penny by watching this video. With all these modifications added, Penny has become a show car the most MINI owners would be proud to have – you can read all about her journey and see her full spec list here!

Our Gen 3 MINIs


This Generation 3 F56 MINI Cooper S known as Dory, has become the newest member of the Lohen Fleet. Bought in December 2018, she made her show debut at Autosport in Jan 2019. While she hasn’t been at Lohen long, she’s already had some major modification made to her. You can read all about her journey so far by reading our Blog Post.

So there you have it, the Lohen Fleet is being continually developed and improved so you can try different modifications and find what suits your needs best. All our demonstrator vehicles are available to test drive simply speak to a member of our sales team to organise this.

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