New TTV 475Nm Organic Clutch & Flywheel Kit

The TTV Clutch and Flywheel Kits have been developed and tested in conjunction with Lohen and after several months of rigorous testing, it is finally ready for release.


The Clutch and Flywheel kit is the ultimate clutch option for Gen 2 MINI’s. The kit uses a single mass flywheel; a high-quality CNC manufactured pressure plate, an organic friction plate and a heavy-duty release bearing and it comes with 6 ARP Flywheel Bolts and a timing pin allowing for simple installation. The hard anadozided pressure plate provides maximum durability and the release bearings large surface area ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed.


As second-generation turbocharged MINI’s are incredibly tuneable, modifying a few hardware elements and adding a re-map can produce a sizable amount of additional horsepower and torque. It is this increased torque that can lead to excessive clutch wear or inability of the standard clutch to produce sufficient clamping force for the torque produced by the tuned MINI causing the clutch to slip.

We advise you to consider and be mindful of all clutch upgrade requirements with all MINI tuning. We tend to see standard clutched that are not able to tolerate the torque that Stage 2 tuning brings, which is usually around 350-400 Nm of torque depending on the Model and engine.

Uprated clutches have been available for the generation 2 MINI for a number of years, however those geared up for high torque capabilities have often come with some trade-off for daily driving such as noise, sharper engagement and a heavy clutch pedal.



  • High-quality billet CNC machined clutch pressure plate
  • High-quality organic drive plate
  • High-quality heavy-duty large contact point bearing
  • Lightweight single mass flywheel


  • Retains a light clutch pedal feel
  • High torque rating – safe rating 475 Nm
  • Low noise
  • Maintains drivability of the standard clutch
  • High-quality construction
  • Improved acceleration response

This kit by TTV is designed for high-powered generation 2 MINI Cooper S and JCW’s including the Countryman and Paceman and retails at £1200 from Lohen.

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