Gen 1 MINI GP Tuning Guide

The top 5 performance mods for Gen 1 GP MINIs


With 10 years passing since the final Generation 1 MINI GP rolled off the production line, you'd be forgiven for thinking the king of the supercharged MINIs would lose its crown; newer, turbocharged power units have whooshed in where the R53 sat but they're all pretenders to the throne. After all, you simply can't beat that supercharger whine! Here are Lohen's top 5 tips for modifying this beautiful MINI.

1.     Quaife Engineering ATB Differential

Quaife for GP1Quaife for GP1

Undoubtedly one of the biggest game-changers for any MINI, the Quaife Differential is the modification widely regarded as paramount for high-power MINIs to improve performance delivery throughout the driving experience. Designed to provide smooth, constant traction for slippery conditions, the Quaife is one of the best diffs on the market for fast road and track use. If you've never driven one, make use of the Lohen demonstrator MINIs and you'll be amazed how it improves performance. Lohen strongly recommends considering a clutch and flywheel at the same time as installing a diff, to save on overall labour charges.

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2.     KW Automotive Coilovers

KW Automotive Coilovers for MINI GP1KW Automotive Coilovers for MINI GP1

All MINIs benefit from lowering and the quickest of the supercharged era is no exception. On the top of the range MINI, we'd suggest whatever your budget can stretch to as adjustability just gets better and better as you head up through the variants. Lohen has access to KW Automotive Coilovers for the GP, the best option given the slightly unusual configuration of chassis components meaning you can't just fit any 'off the shelf' coilover. As with all suspension, Lohen recommends our in-house setup to get the very best from your MINI – we'll soon have you cornering on rails!

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3.     17% Reduced Supercharger Pulley Upgrade

Reduced Superchargr Pulley for GP1Reduced Superchargr Pulley for GP1

The GP1 was fitted with a JCW pulley so already benefits from improved performance over the Cooper S models. However, we always want more! The GP's intercooler is capable of coping with increased temperatures from reducing the supercharger pulley yet further, so why not?! Lohen has developed a 17% pulley upgrade package, including belt and plugs, meaning any GP owner can get the very best from the supercharger unit without breaking the bank. Highly recommended!

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4.     Janspeed Manifold

Janspeed Manifold for MINI GP1Janspeed Manifold for MINI GP1

What's the point finding all that extra horsepower in the front of the engine bay if you can't release the gasses quick enough to cope with demand? The Janspeed Manifold is a beautifully crafted 4-1 manifold section allowing for quick release of exhaust gas, adding a finishing touch to the power side of the MINI. You'll notice an improvement in mid-range power plus a nice, meaty exhaust note to boot.

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5.     Mintex M1144 Front Brake Pads

Mintex M1144 Brake Pads for MINI GPMintex M1144 Brake Pads for MINI GP

The standard brake setup on the GP is already decent so, if BBK's are out of budget, we'd suggest a nice pad upgrade to a Mintex M1144. You'll notice improved bite when pushing on at higher speed, perfect for those spirited drives with all your new-found horsepower. By teaming suspension, braking and power mods, you'll have a GP that's a force to be reckoned with.

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