Project B48

As more and more Generation 3 MINI owners are tuning their cars to create a capable hot hatch. The F series B48 engined MINI is now being tuned sufficiently to warrant a strengthened end to aid reliability and prevent expensive failures. This was the case for the MINI featured in this blog as the customer wanted more power and improved reliability. Lohen have developed a range of engine configurations using high quality components.

Lohen Engine Builds

Here at Lohen, we offer 2 Generation 3 MINI B48 crate engine configurations and full installation and running in service.


Configuration 1

  • Complete engine Refresh
  • Supertech B48 Pistons
  • King Racing Main and Big End Bearings


Configuration 2

  • Complete Engine Refresh
  • Supertech B48 Pistons
  • Supertech B48 Connecting Rods
  • King Racing Main and Big End Bearings

In this case, the stock engine failed, so the customer contacted Lohen for an engine rebuild. Once he had discussed where he wanted to take his F-Series MINI with our sales team, they advised him to opt for our crate engine configuration 2. The B48 Configuration 2 crate engine build was developed to strengthen the bottom end through the use of stronger internals like the Supertech B48 Pistons and Connecting Rods. Installing these means that this customers engine will now tolerate higher levels of power, making it more reliable when remapped or when driven on the track.

The Customer’s Choice

From the consultation with our sales team, it was clear that rebuilding the engine wasn’t just what this customer wanted. He was also looking to add more power to his MINI, which with stronger engine components meant he could now do more safely. Our sales team advised him to choose the Lohen Generation 3 Performance Pack 2, which he paired with an Owens Developments Hybrid Turbo. Together these provided the tools needed for the MINI to hit 300+ bhp.

Lohen's Generation 3 Performance Pack 2

  • Milltek Sport High Flow Downpipe
  • Manic Motorsport Stage 2 ECU Tune
  • Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler
  • NGK High-Performance Spark Plugs
  • ITG Panel Filter

As bhp increase with tuning, so does torque. It is this increase in torque that leads to increased wear and strain on the stock drivetrain components, in particular, the clutch and flywheel. The standard clutch kit simply doesn’t produce a good enough clamping force. Knowing this, our sales team recommended that this customer upgrade his clutch. Here at Lohen we offer two performance clutches that we specified and developed with Helix Autosport. The organic clutch kit is designed for maximum drivability, it is more forgiving and engaging and provides a close to OEM pedal feel, making it the perfect choice for the road. However, the 6-Paddle clutch option is designed for maximum performance, its made of more aggressive materials which make it bite harder making it more suited for high performance and track applications, this customer opted for the 6-paddle option which is rated up to 700 Nm of torque.

The Final Result

It was clear from the start that this customer had caught the tuning bug. The products selected for this job all help to produce a reliable high-powered MINI that competes with other hot hatches.

If you’re interested in taking your Generation 3 MINI to the next level but don’t know where to start then our sales team are always on hand to advise and assist you in person, over the phone or by email, just call 01785 859999 or contact You can also keep up to date with all the latest Lohen news and content by following us on social media. Thanks for reading this, we hope to see you soon!

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