2017 MINI Tuning Trends

Lohen takes a look at what's hot in the MINI tuning scene in 2017


Much like the seasons, generations of MINI flow through a natural cycle before being replaced by a fresh beginning. Given the age of the Generation 2 MINIs, Lohen is seeing many now entering the winter of their ownership, where serious modification is needed to breathe new life into tired components – for many, it’s a make or break situation of stick or twist, where a few upgrades can transform a vehicle and reinvigorate its owner or else give way to handing the keys to a new, less demanding driver.

MINI Forged Engine Rebuilds

Throughout 2016 Lohen has seen a significant upturn in the number of customers requiring significant TLC to their MINI’s engines, which paves the way to the inevitable question: do I stay standard or forge my MINI’s engine? A treasured chassis may have served you well and, thanks to a host of forged engine components coming to market, Lohen can perform this intricate open heart surgery to suit all requirements, whether totally standard or fully forged, meaning you won’t have to part ways with your beloved MINI prematurely. We don’t doubt engine rebuilding and development will form a huge part of the work we’re undertaking in 2017, and have geared ourselves up to cope with it including Supertech and MAHLE stock on the shelf ready to roll for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 MINIs.

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MINI R53 and R56 Track Preparation

As winter departs and the longer days start to approach, we’ll see an increase in track-based enquiries, MINI owners looking to modify their cars for both track days and race use. Over the last few months Lohen has refined our track capabilities, drawing on our experience from our racing for our fast road customers. Again, given the age of the Gen 1 and 2 MINIs, it’s a natural fit for those who can’t bear to part with their car and fancy a bit of circuit-based hoonery.

R53 and R56 MINI Cage Installations

In 2017 we expect to see Gen 2 cage installation coming to the fore to rival our Gen 1 cage installs: we currently offer Safety Devices for Gen 1 and are working on a Gen 2 solution as we type. Both weld-in and bolt-in options will make for robust personal safety options, particularly when teamed with Lohen’s wide range of seating and harness options. You’ll also need to consider other safety features such as fire extinguishers and power kill switches, all of which can be fitted professionally fitted and setup at our Staffordshire HQ.

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Gen 3 MINI ECU Remapping

Finally, we expect to see strides taken in Gen 3 ECU remapping. We’re asked weekly for updates on our mapping solutions and are as eager as the many Gen 3 owners out there! In the meantime, Lohen has a superb range of hardware such as Intercoolers, Downpipes and, exclusively at Lohen, Quaife ATB Differentials. These parts are available now and will make the perfect combination of performance parts to make your Gen 3 a seriously fast MINI!

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As always, Lohen is on hand to discuss any of your enquiries, no matter how major or MINI – give us a call, we’re always happy to chat.

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