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OMP Lower Brace
OMP Lower Brace
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The OMP lower brace can be used in conjunction with the OMP Upper Strut brace or on its own. The lower brace will help to improve stiffness in the chassis and give the MINI more predictable handling through corners. When testing on our show cars we found that you will also benefit from better turn in on corners. This does fit all models including the Cooper S. As seen on our One & Cooper S show car. Available in Red only.

Upper and lower braces help to stiffen up the front end of the chassis. Believe it or not a car is not as solid as you think. Through corners, acceleration and braking chassis flex and twist due to forces applied on the car at these times. In a race car a chassis will be as stiff as possible to help it corner well, in a road car there is less support. The reason for this is that its expensive to fully stiffen a chassis and in an average road car the extra rigidity is not needed as the forces applied are not as great as they are in a race car. If like to push your MINI through the corners a bit harder and faster than the average road user then a little extra rigidity will help.

Upper and lower braces are designed to stiffen the chassis and basically work as a bar, tying together two points to hold them together to make sure they don’t move. The upper strut brace attaches to the top mounts on the front suspension mounts (can be seen when opening the bonnet). The lower brace attaches to the bottom of the suspension assembly on the underneath of the car. Fitting these will stiffen up the front end of the car, which helps to keep the car rigid through corners. This will be noticeable as cornering will become more stable and more predictable, which in turn gives the driver more confidence. They also help to give the car better turn-in through corners too. The upper strut brace looks great too under the bonnet.

Both the upper and lower braces can be fitted separately or together, but work better together. Fitting one will stiffen the front end slightly whereas fitting both will give you a noticeable improvement through corners. We supply both the OMP upper and lower braces if you want them to match and are inexpensive modification too. The OMP upper brace is adjustable too, which allows you to set the stiffness level.



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Price: 56.00

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OMP Lower strut brace

Lolly Forbes - 11th May 2011

I had my lower strut brace fitted two days ago, to compliment the upper that I had fitted at the same time and I am amazed at the handling difference, the car really feels responsive now with both of the braces fitted and goes where you point it! - big th...

just had the omp lower fitted by Lohen

Steve Dewey - 10th November 2010

Top quality product, top quality service by Lohen.

Makes such a difference on the road, feels much tighter, and the car really turns in, plus the fact that both braces come in at under 130, it really is real good value for money.

The car these ar...

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