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Vibratechnics Gearbox Mount (Gen1)
Vibratechnics Gearbox Mount (Gen1)
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The OEM gearbox mount allows the gearbox and engine to move and absorbs most vibrations for a smooth ride. These mounts deteriorate over time and start to cause excessive engine movement and vibrations in the car; gearbox mounts are prone to premature failure on high performance applications.

This mount is a complete redesign of the gearbox mount replacing the fragile casting with a welded steel fabrication. The insulator is replaced with a high performance double bonded black rubber bush for improved control over engine movement, whilst still giving greater vibration isolation over standard gearbox mounts. This upgrade is suitable for all fast road use applications.

What mount is suitable for me: Road/Race?

Road version: Suitable for fast road use and occasional track use, this is due to the rubber in the mounts being carefully adjusted to isolate vibrations lower down the rev range and at idle speeds.

Race version: Suitable for track only, this is due to the rubber compound used, being stiffer to control movement when on track. Track systems have an isolation threshold above 3000rpm, below which the transmitted vibration can still be quite high. 

What’s in the box:

1 x Gearbox mount.


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Price: 200.00

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