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At Lohen we have used our experience tuning the generation 2 MINI to offer a top quality package deal to deliver excellent power and torque from the MINI engine. Power Pack 3 aims to deliver a 90-100 BHP increase on a standard MINI Cooper S
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The Lohen Power Pack 3 uses the highest quality hardware and software. Coupled with Lohen's expertise this produces an engine that oozes power and torque. The Borg Warner JCW specification turbo is fitted to the Cooper S allowing more boost to be obtained. Fitting an uprated Airtec intercooler to the car deals with cooling duties helping to maintain consistent low intake temperatures allowing the engine to make power under higher loads. Use of the Akrapovic sports catalyst downpipe increases gas flow, produces a fantastic deep sound and ensures that the car will pass a UK MOT. Uprated NGK spark plugs are fitted to deal with the increased demands placed on the ignition system and produce a brighter and larger spark. Air filtration is uprated from the standard MINI parts with an ITG panel filter to deliver superior filtration properties and increase air flow. The ITG filter also improves induction noise.

To bring the hardware upgrades together and get the most out them and the MINI engine a Manic Motorsport ECU stage 3 tune is performed. The tune process does not require opening the ECU, instead the software is delivered through the OBDII diagnostic port in the cabin. The Manic Motorsport tune offers a stock map and 3 progressive performance maps. The setting of which can be done at Lohen or through an optional extra, the Manic SPS switch, which allows the users the ability to select a power setting that suits their driving style and conditions.

The Lohen Performance Package delivers the best results when run with a high octane fuel such as Shell V-Power. The tune can be corrected to run on lower octane fuels at the point of installation if required but this will sacrifice power gains.

What is in the Lohen Performance Pack 3?

The Power Pack 3 includes the following items and produces a saving of £284 over purchasing the individual components and fitting:

  • Akrapovic sports catalyst downpipe
  • Lohen downpipe fitting kit
  • ITG panel filter
  • Borg Warner John Cooper Works turbo
  • Airtec front mounted intercooler
  • Uprated NGK spark plugs
  • Manic Motorsport stage 3 ECU tune
  • Dyno run
  • Fitting of all components in the pack
Is the Lohen Performance Pack suitable for my MINI? 

This package is only suitable for MINI Cooper S 2007 - 2013 1.6L N14 and N18 1.6L turbo charged engine. The package is not suitable for the JCW or GP2 models because the turbo in the package is not larger than that already installed on the JCW or GP2. 

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What engine do I have?

N14 engines are found on the MINI R56 Cooper S produced between 2007-2009 and on R56 JCW's between 2008-2012

N18 engines are found on the MINI R56 Cooper S produced between 2010-2013 and on R56 JCW's between 2013-2014

What's In The Box

This package requires installing at Lohen HQ.

Fitting Details

Fitting is included in the price of the package and typically fitting takes a full day.



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