Manic Motorsport SPS Switch


Each Manic Motorsport engine tune has 4 settings within it; stock map then Performance maps A, B and C which deliver different levels of power and allows the user to tweak the map to personal preference and your MINI's specifications.

The SPS is a switch that plugs into your MINI's OBDII port and allows you to select between the modes in seconds without having to return to the installing garage to change the map configuration.

The SPS switch gives you all the flexibility to set your MINI up to suit your specific needs: perhaps something more modest throughout the week combined with something a little sportier for the weekends!
Manufacturer: Manic Motorsport


Each Manic Motorsport engine tune has 3 settings within it, each more aggressive.

The SPS has 4 modes to use: stock map and the 3 performance maps. 

There are additional settings on the SPS switch including communication mode for connection to a PC to allow future software updates and an anti-theft function, a feature that is not available yet but something for future software updates.

Please note, the SPS does not contain the maps. The Manic Motorsport Software needs to be installed on to the ECU by a Manic dealer for the switch to work. 

Tech Specs

  •  Suitable for Gen 2 MINI's with a Manic Motorsport ECU tune installed. 
  •  Different modes can be selected
  •  Can change the map whenever you like.


How do I use this SPS switch?

To use the switch you must select what mode you would like your car to be in on the switch either stock, A, B or C. When chosen this you can put the switch in the OBDII port and in a matter of seconds you have changed the mode on your car.

Does the SPS switch contain the maps?

No, the SPS switch does not contain the maps. The Manic Motorsport Software needs to be installed on to the ECU by a Manic Dealer for the switch to work. 

What's in the box

  • 1x Manic Motorsport Switch


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