Manic Motorsport Remap - Stage 1 - MINI R56, R55


Lohen has teamed up with Manic Motorsport to offer the market-leading Generation 2 MINI mapping solution. The Manic Motorsport Stage 1 tune transforms the standard Cooper S and JCW and adds a generous amount of extra horsepower and torque.

The Manic Motorsport map can be installed on both N14 and N18 Generation 2 MINI engines via the OBDII port without the need to remove and open the ECU. If you purchase an additional SPS switch then you can alter the map between stock, 1A, 1B and 1C modes on your driveway at home.

Call us on 01785 859999 to book a Manic Map today or select from the options below and post your ECU to Lohen for tuning.
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Manufacturer: Manic Motorsport


The Manic Stage 1 ECU tune provides substantial power gains to the MINI 1.6L petrol turbo charged engine. The Manic Motorsport Stage 1 tune provides a stock map and 3 progress performance maps, each more powerful.  With the addition of an SPS switch the maps are fully switchable.

The Stage 1 remap is suitable for cars stock cars and cars running modifications such as sports or de-cat downpipe or uprated intercooler or induction system.

Power gains vary widely with the Stage 1 remap and are dependant on the modifications present. We have seen gains of 40 BHP on our standard Cooper S.

The stage 1 tune is suitable for all MINI Cooper S & JCW 1.6L petrol turbo charged engines.

The Manic Motorsport map can be installed on both N14 and N18 Generation 2 MINI engines via the OBDII port without the need to remove or open the ECU. Purchasing an additional SPS switch then you can alter the map between Stock, performance A, B and C modes on your driveway or out and about.

Manic Bespoke options are available for this tune by special request at an additional charge of £120 and can take 7 working days to create and install to the car. Custom options include but are not limited to:

  • Linear throttle
  • Meth mode
  • Race fuel mode

Suitable for:

Standard MINIs or with light modifications including:

  • Panel filter or air intake
  • Downpipe or intercooler

Lohen can install the Manic Motorsport ECU tune directly to your car at our workshop in Staffordshire, UK or your can remove the ECU from its casing and send it by mail to us and we shall return it with the new software installed.

How it works

At Lohen workshop 

Record all performance modifications 
Record fuel type
Record MINI model
Read ECU details 
Discuss and record any bespoke options 
Provide Manic Motorsport with the above details 
Inspect the vehicle prior to tuning 
Receive tune file from Manic Motorsport Upload base file and performance tune files 
Test drive 
Dyno car in stock mode and performance mode(s) 

Typical time for completion of this is 4 – 6 hours. This may vary depending on tune load time and response time for the tune file. 

By Mail Order 

Check and agree that your MINI meets the stated requirements for the selected tune 
Select as appropriate from the drop menus to confirm fuel type 
Select which mode you would like the ECU set to. An SPS can be purchased additionally to give you the freedom to change this your yourself. 
Add the ECU tune the to basket - Please contact us prior to purchase if you require bespoke options within your ECU tune.
Add Advised Additional Extras to basket 
Complete check out process 
Park up your MINI somewhere safe - your MINI will not start with the ECU removed. 
Remove the ECU from your MINI. The ECU has to be from the MINI that it is going into.Package securely, and send to Lohen, Unit 11 Raleigh Hall, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6JL, UK. We would suggest insuring the package. 
Once received Lohen will record the ECU serial number, read the ECU and supply the details you have supplied on performance modifications to Manic Motorsport 
The tune file will then be installed on the ECU and set into the mode you have requested. 
Lohen will then package the ECU into an antistatic bag and then a foam padded box ready for shipping. 

Once Lohen have received the ECU we will install the tune file and have the ECU ready to return in 2 working days. Tranist times for return shipping vary depending on your location and are specified at check out.



Q. Can the ECU tune be uploaded remotely?
A. No, the remap has to be completed in store by Lohen. 

Q. Is the map loaded on to the SPS switch?
A. No, the SPS is simply a switch that allows you to select between the maps already loaded on to the ECU. 

Q. Can I have Bespoke Manic Flames with this remap?
A. No, Bespoke Flames and 'BBQ' mode are only available on Stage 2 or Stage 3 Maps

Q. Do I have to pay the full amount if I want to upgrade to the next Stage of remap at a later date?
A. No - when you purchase a Manic Motorsport Remap and are ready to upgrade, you simply pay the difference between the stages of map. This way you can add power in small increments, or top up to the map to suit when you fit new hardware to your MINI.

What's in the box

 There is no physical product with the Manic Tune, this is a software installation. 

Fitting Details

Time required - 4-6 hours

Returns & Refunds




Saturday, 16 April 2016
After a year of deciding whether to remap or not to remap I finally took the plunge in March and had the Stage 1 remap on my JCW.
I already had the ITG panel fitted along with an Akrapovic downpipe. The Stage 1 Map in Mode B gives me around 25 more HP and 40 more Nm of torque. On the face of it this may look like a small increase but this is most definitely not the case. The map is really smooth and indistinguishable from stock in that regard but the speed and acceleration are anything but stock. From around 3500rpm especially it is exactly what I wanted from the remapping process - no drama just a bit more, well, manic! The extra noises in sport mode are an unexpected but welcome bonus. I have spent a week driving around North Wales which I do on a regular basis and over 500 miles I have averaged 38.2 mpg - slightly better than stock even with harder driving - result. My advice is - don't think about it for 12 months then do it - if you are thinking about it - just do it. Great service as always from the staff make it an easy decision.
Nick Clews