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Alta End Links / Drop Links For MINI (Gen 1)

Alta Adjustable Drop Links are a great replacement for the standard MINI drop links and will fit most Generation 1 MINI's. The OEM MINI drop links...

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Alta Positive Steering Response System For MINI

Complete control of your MINI is important. Increase steering response while braking and accelerating with the Alta Positive Steering Response System...

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Alta Rear Anti-roll bar Kit For MINI (Gen 1)

The Alta Anti Roll Bar is a fantastic kit available in 19mm and 22mm, which not only sharpens up the handling of your MINI, but also gives fast road...

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Alta Rear Control Arms For MINI (Gen 1)

Alta Rear Control Arms are a great solution because they give the user the ability to adjust camber and toe settings on the rear of a MINI. This is...

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CompBrake Adjustable Top Mounts For R53 MINI

An adjustable pair of top mounts designed for the Generation 1 MINI Hatch and Convertible all models.

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CravenSpeed Strut Tower Defender For MINI (Gen 1)

CravenSpeed Strut Tower Defenders strengthen your MINI's strut towers before deformation can occur. By sandwiching the sheet metal between the strut...

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Eibach Adjustable Front Top Mounts For MINI (Gen 1)

Are you looking to adjust the camber on your MINI? Eibach Adjustable Front Top Mounts replace the standard Top Mounts. Constructed of high grade...

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Eibach Anti-Roll Bars For MINI (Gen 1)

Eibach anti-Roll Bars (or Sway Bars) will reduce the body roll when driving your MINI through corners and during fast changes of direction. This will...

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Eibach Rear Control Arms For MINI (Gen 1)

Eibach adjustable rear control arms are a must have for lowered MINIs, allowing simple, accurate camber adjustment. Eibach control arms are also...

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MINI Track Rod End

Track rod ends are a common problem on the MINI, the ball joint often wears and creates a level of play in the steering wheel. This play can cause...

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