Blog: Gen 3 F56 MINI Tuning Guide

Lohen MINI F56 Tuning Guide


It’s amazing to think it’s 3 years since the Gen 3 F56 MINI graced us MINI enthusiasts with its presence, however, it’s also music to Lohen’s ears as the Gen 3’s are leaving their warranty period and starting to become fair game for MINI owners wanting to modify this 2L pocket rocket. Due to ECU tuning now being available, Lohen recommends a few choice tweaks to get the most out of your gen 3 MINI! Thinking of the best tuning parts for your F56? Want to upgrade your Gen 3 MINI? Read on...

1.     Manic Motorsport Gen 3 MINI Cooper S & JCW Remap - Exclusive to Lohen!

Quaife for F56 / Gen 3 MINIQuaife for F56 / Gen 3 MINI

Finally, Manic Motorsport Gen 3 mapping is available at Lohen for Cooper S & JCW models. Having been developed over the last 3 years, with inside knowledge provided by MINI and MINI Challenge, these remaps not only provide massive increases in bhp and torque but also in drivability and reliability.

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2.     Quaife Engineering ATB Differential for Gen 3 MINI - exclusive to Lohen!

Quaife for F56 / Gen 3 MINIQuaife for F56 / Gen 3 MINI

All MINIs benefit from the power application a Quaife Differential can supply. It’s sometimes tough to get traction, particularly in slippery road conditions or when really pushing your MINI hard, however, the Quaife handles it with ease. The Quaife ATB Differential progressively locks as torque increases and doesn’t have any plates or clutches that will wear out so is a fit and forget solution as opposed to a limited slip diff. The proof of the pudding is truly in the eating here and, if you haven’t already experienced a MINI driven hard with a diff fitted, we’d urge you to book a test drive with one of Lohen’s demo MINIs immediately! If you give us a call on 01785 859999, we'll be happy to make one of Lohen's demo MINIs available for you to test drive. Dont forget, we offer full in-house fitting on this product!

It's worth noting Lohen has an exclusive agreement with Quaife to retail these diffs and is happy to not only sell to the end user, but also to other traders. So, whatever your needs, retail or trade, contact the team today for a competitive quote. 

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3.     CravenSpeed Gen 3 MINI Induction Kit

CravenSpeed Intake for F56 / Gen 3 MINICravenSpeed Intake for F56 / Gen 3 MINI

Purpose built for the Gen 3’s, the CravenSpeed Induction Kit replaces the original plastic induction pipes and airbox with billet machined aluminium pipes and a K&N cone filter to maximise surface area and improve airflow. You’ll benefit from that increased induction kit roar and, what’s more, the K&N filter is a lifelong element and can be cleaned and refitted to save you replacing paper air filters year on year. The CravenSpeed intake isn’t just for the Cooper S and JCW variants, Cooper drivers will be pleased to hear it fits their model, too. If you want to see some gains in both the performance and sound of your Gen 3 MINI, you should look to this part. 

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4.     Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for Cooper S and JCW MINIs

Forge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for Gen 3 Cooper S and JCWForge Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler for Gen 3 Cooper S and JCW

As mapping starts to come to the fore, supporting engine components will play a huge part in the development of mapping upgrades for the Generation 3 MINIs. Hopefully building on the basis of Gen 2 mapping, Lohen expects to see the need for front mount intercoolers as part of a staged tuning process. Lohen works closely with Forge Motorsport to test and develop a couple of intercooler designs and we have found a couple of top-performing options for both Cooper S and JCW models. Available in black, these Forge Motorsport front mounts have been designed to make the very best of the space behind the bumper without sacrificing performance. To give you added peace of mind, you can see we developed these products in-house with Forge Motorsport on our own Dyno so we're confident this is one of the best currently intercoolers available for your Gen 3 Cooper S or JCW MINI.

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5.     Remus Valve Tronic Cat-Back Exhausts System

Remus Exhausts for Gen 3 MINIsRemus Exhausts for Gen 3 MINIs

Already flying off the shelf, the Remus Valve Tronic Cat-back Exhaust Systems are the perfect option for those looking to add performance and sound to their F56 MINI but without incurring an ASBO. There’s a remote control valve allowing 4 different positions: 100% closed, 10% open, 50% open and 100% open for maximum sound and performance. There’s a stunning choice of tailpipe finishes including stainless steel, carbon inlay or full carbon fibre. They look great, sound epic and offer nearly 5 bhp and 6.5 Nm of torque – what’s not to love?! What’s great is this is now available for F54 MINI Clubman models, too!

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6.     Bilstein B14 Coilovers

Bilstein B14 MINI Coilovers for F56Bilstein B14 MINI Coilovers for F56

Last, but by no means least, a set of coilovers to lower and refine the handling of the Gen 3 should be firmly on the modification list. Aesthetically you’ll benefit from the car being dropped, but the improved centre of gravity will mean your MINI's cornering will improve tenfold. We’re loving the Bilstein B14’s and, with fitting and professional fitting and setup at Lohen, you’ll be getting the very best out of your Gen 3 MINI in no time. 

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