Blog: Lohen Joins Time Attack

Lohen at Time Attack

The History of the Time Attack

Originating in Japan, the Time Attack has become one of the most significant events in the motorsport calendar. With events taking place up and down the country the Time Attack Challenge captures audiences and inspires everyone from your simple car enthusiast to your petrol head around the globe. With its aim to nail the quickest lap, Time Attack brings together the arts of car tuning and driver skill.

The Time Attack UK was introduced in 2006 and is now the largest and most professional of all the Time Attack events. It operates at some of the largest race circuits across the UK with MSA status in order to ensure all the times recorded are credible.

Lohen and Time Attack

The Car

Competing in the Time Attack allows Lohen to test and develop components on the track, which helps to build our understanding and knowledge. The Lohen Track Car, also known as Polar Bear has been developed in house, and her current spec includes, a Motec M182 ECU, which was mapped in house by Lohen on our 4 wheel drive Dyno.

The power unit is a forged and balanced N14 engine hand built by Lohen. The engine features the same Supertech pistons, connecting rods, valves and springs as available in our N14 engine builds. The turbo downpipe is a Milltek De-Cat option with Zircotec coating. The Zircotec coating is used to prevent heat escaping into engine bay and keeps those exhaust gases hot and following quickly.

The drivetrain on Polar Bear uses a Tran-X Limited Slip Differential, TTV single mass lightened flywheel to reduce rotating mass and improve engine responsiveness. This works with a Helix Autosport four paddle clutch.

MINI’s have a good reputation for great handling but competitive track work requires the next level of tuning, skill and know how to set it up. Lohen have developed race proven suspension and geometry set ups through years of experience and use reliable and tested components to do this. Suspension is taken care of with a set of KW 2 way race suspension with geometry, which continually work well on different track surfaces. Alta Drop links and rear control arms are used to dial in the suspension set up. Eibach Anti-Roll Bars are fitted to the Front and Rear of the track car and will help to reduce the body roll when changing direction at speed, this will give the driver more grip and confidence on the track over the standard road set up.

Braking is taken care of by a specially selected AP Racing and Mintex set up. The front AP Racing brakes use a 330mm disc and a Mintex F2R pad, with Goodridge Brake Hoses and AP Racing 600 brake fluid. Rear brakes are a JCW unit with EBC discs and Mintex M1144 brake pads.

The car was fully stripped and fitted with a bespoke Custom Cage installed and painted by Lohen, and it is fitted with Cobra Sebring Pro racing seats with Pro-Fit to customise the fit for our driver. The Cobra Sebring seats are upholstered with a spacer fabric that is both breathable and comfortable for our driver, while the seat itself provides the highest amount of safety, comfort and control.

Polar Bear has been fitted with a Fire extinguisher system that was plumed and installed in house, just in case there is any emergencies on the track.

A full spec of Polar Bear is available here.

Lohen are offering 10% off Coilovers for July and August 2017 and have great deals on fitting offers for all geometry needs so you can benefit from our track proven geometry set up.

The Driver

In the driving seat for the Time Attack meetings this season is Lohen’s very own Andrey Magiy and although he started off a bit rusty this race season, he has been able to extract Polar Bears full potential and release all her power when needed.

Accompanying the Lohen Team to all their races this season will be their Race Truck, which has its own built in living quarters and room for two cars. The team is out at Donington tonight to get some practice in for the race at the weekend, so if you see the Race Truck on your travels don’t forget to give us a beep tag us in.

On race days the pit lanes are often open for the public to explore, so stop by and have a look at Polar Bear yourself, the team won’t be far away if you have any questions.

Lohen at the Races


On the 4th June 2017 Polar Bear and Andrey were out on the track at Snetterton, trying to set a quick time to put pressure on the competition and see how the car and a rusty driver faired.

The Snetterton race circuit is one of the fastest tracks in the UK and is famous for holding one of the longest straight sections. First used by the Aston Martin Owner’s Club as a race circuit, its 50 year history and course layout has made it renowned as on of the best circuits in the UK with its high speed corners busy racing calendar.

Going into this race Polar Bear was tuned to its previous settings where she ran an Endurance race producing 245 BHP. Although the day didn’t quite go as we expected due to an oil leak on the track, (see our YouTube video - Polar Bear was bought home and improvements to power were made to make us more competitive in a field where the competition were producing in excess of 400 BHP.

Brands Hatch

First used as a grass racing track for bikes in 1926, the Brands Hatch Racing Circuit has since become home to Time Attack UK and is a firm favourite among fans. As one of the worlds most iconic race circuits in the world, it’s been home to many momentous motor sporting occasions including Nigel Mansel’s first Grand Prix win.

The turbo fitted for the previous round was upgraded to a custom Stage 3 unit, in time for round 3, this modification saw an improvement on the track but left us still playing catch up with the competition. This time the new modifications meant that Polar Bear was able to produce about 280 BHP.

Now going into Round 4, this time at Donington and having re-evaluated Polar Bears’ capacity for power so it was back to the Dyno for some mapping. Polar Bear is going into the race this weekend producing 300 BHP.

You can follow Polar Bear’s racing journey this summer by tuning into and following Lohen on social media, the next Time Attack UK round (Round 4) is at Donington on the 1st July.