Dyno Specification


  • Up to 800 kW (1070hp) transient acceleration load for power runs
  • 500 kW (670hp) steady state continuous load for mapping
  • Linked 4 wheel drive design
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Ultra low clearance
  • Four 600mm diameter knurled rollers
  • Custom-built viewing room


  • Autoscan measurement & analysis software. Featuring:
    • Variable load cycles
    • Over-run transmission power loss measurement
    • In-cell ‘weather station’ for atmospheric correction
  • Bluetooth OBDII connectivity for access to vehicle data such as
    • Boost
    • Engine Temperature
    • Intake Temperature
    • Mass Air Flow (MAF) is available
  • High speed wide-band lambda air/fuel ratio (AFR) monitor
Car undergoing testsTechnican testing carDyno ComputerCar on test machine

Vehicle Details

  • Wheelbase Minimum 1.95m - Maximum 2.85m
  • Tyre span widths
    • Inside minimum 1.10m
    • Outside maximum 2.12m
  • Ground clearance:
    • 85mm - with retractable steady rollers
    • 30mm - without steady rollers
  • Height 2.25m maximum
  • Weight 2800kg


  • 25,000 m3/H intake and extraction fans with variable speed control
  • 45,000 Cubic m/H main radiator fan
  • 5000 m3/H twin-bank exhaust gas extraction system
  • Supplementary fans for oil coolers/rear engined vehicles


Want to dyno your car?


  • Power Runs are £60. Dyno is available for trade or retail hire and we support Forum Dyno Days
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