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News for 2015

Lohen has announced its involvement in 2 championships this season: sprint racing in MINI Challenge and an entry into Endurance Racing Series for those wishing to get behind the wheel for a longer stint. We have MINIs available to hire for Arrive & Drive as well as offering Owner Driver Support to those with their own MINI. Contact Andrey Magiy on racing@lohen.co.uk or call 01785 859999 for details.

If you are looking to upgrade your MINI in 2015, Lohen has a range of parts suitable for all budgets. Have a look at our New Releases section at the Online Shop where you'll find a range of upgrade components to suit Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3 MINIs. Remember, Lohen can fit these parts in-house and the team is always on hand to discuss your future upgrade plans.

We have some fantastic new products at our online store and have just released our Generation 2 MINI Mapping! Why not contact the team on sales@lohen.co.uk or 01785 859999 for more details?